Thursday, March 10, 2011

Get ready for some spring cleaning!

Yep, I've been a slacker, I know I haven't posted on here in some time. But you know what? Now is a good time for you to look at some spring cleaning on your pc!

Little checklist

- Update your Antivirus program(s)
- Update your Microsoft Windows
- Update hardware and software with the vendors
- Run defrag on your system
- Save your important docs, pictures, etc to a USB flashdrive *(if you don't have one, then get to the store. Seriously, they are about $10 for a 4 gig version now)*

If you feel really brave, you can take the side (or top) off of the computer and spray it out with a can of compressed air (you can find those at Radio Shack, Staples, Best Buy, etc)

Oh, most important of all. Run your antivirus program again. If you can't remember the last time you did, then you really should get to it! For some machines this may take an hour or so. (Or one episode of your favorite Prime Time show).

There, now don't you feel better for having cleaned out your system?

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