Tuesday, February 3, 2009

When you hear the word 'Galleon', images of pirates, and swordfights, and parrots on your shoulder pop into your head. Visions of sailing the caribbean and sacking merchant ships swirl around.

But there is another type of Galleon, and this one makes your TiVo its home port.

Galleon HME 

This application sits on one of the computers in your home network. Download the program, and run it, and you have access to all kinds of features via your TiVo. Features such as:

  • Play MP3 files using the builtin player or with your favorite Winamp skins.
  • View your photo collection using many slideshow effects and background music.
  • Listen to online streaming radio stations including Shoutcast stations.
  • View local weather forecasts and alerts.
  • View internet webcams.
  • Read your email.
  • Read your favorite RSS feeds.
  • Automatically download recordings from your TiVo using keywords.
  • Automatically download your favorite podcasts.
  • View local movie listings.
  • Copy video files from your PC to your TiVo using GoBack.
  • View Internet Slideshows.
  • View online Videocasts.
  • View upcoming events in your area.
  • View traffic conditions in your area.
  • Send instant messages with Jabber.

Now, there is some slight configuration you will need to do to some of these apps, such as pointing audio/video folders to shared folders on your home network. But with a little adjusting here and there, you have a great interactive TV.

Show off your home movies, and family pictures on your TV, or listen to streaming music in the background while you work around the house. Wanna see a movie, look for what is playign and in some cases, buy the tickets via the TiVo!

Try it out today, matey....and soon you will be swashing your buckle across the internet too..

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