Friday, January 23, 2009


There are no words that come to mind when you sit down to your pc, and get nothing. No screen, no desktop, nothing at all. Well, except that beeping noise you now hear when the pc is powered back up.

Did you know that the noise you are hearing is actually a message from your computer telling you what is wrong? If you ever hear it, listen carefully. There is often a series of short and long beeps, sort of like computer morse code.

That is what is known as a BIOS BEEP CODE. Normally, when you power up your machine, you will hear one quick beep, or two quick beeps depending on who made the thing.

If you are curious as to what the full codes are, here is a website for you.

You will need to know the BIOS maker of your machine. Normally this is shown on the initial bootup screen when you turn the pc on. Look at the screen again, somewhere on there is the identification.

Knowing what the bios beeps mean, can often arm you with vital forehand knowledge and let you repair the problem yourself. Or if you take it somewhere you can inform them and fill secure with your inner geek.

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