Monday, January 5, 2009

Pick a card....Any Card...

I saw that my sister posted on her facebook site about downloading the Google Chrome Browser and trying it out, just to have a different internet browser to try.

So, I thought I would post about the many different browsers that actually are available for Windows.

There are three main engines with the code that drives the web browser. Trident (for Explorer style), Gecko (for Firefox style) and Presto (for Opera style). Now I know that if you search there are many other styles out there, but I am focusing on the ones that mainly run on Windows.

Everyone is familiar with Internet Explorer...But were you aware that there is a newer version out there? Version 8 Beta *Click Here*

Another popular browser is Mozilla Firefox. *Click Here*
Did you know there are other versions based off of Mozillas code?
Seamonkey is one of them. *Click Here*

There is also Opera *Click Here*

And Safari *Click Here*

On the Linux side, they have the Konqueror browser, which is now available for Windows *Click Here*

And the new kid on the block, Google Chrome *Click Here*

I left off a wide variety of other browsers, such as K-melon, Lunascape, Maxthon, Songbird, I-Rider, and many others.

So give a different browser a try. You might find a new one you like.

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