Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Firefox Plugins - round 2

GSpace - Turns the 2 gigs of storage on your GMail account into a file server.

Hyperwords - neat little program. When you highlight something on a web page, this addon will give it functionality. (Highlight the word North Carolina and you can then search in the news, flickr, google, and wikipedia) Also has a Babelfish translation *

Customize Google - added functionality to google searches, such as mini pics of each link before you visit, removal of ads, and other customizable features.

Imagezoom - like it says. Right click on pictures and zoom in and out on them.

Minimap addon - this is a nice feature as it keeps listing of your current address onhand, and if you find an address online, you can highlight it, and choose minimap, and it will give you directions from your house.

Searchbar autosizer - This keeps the searchbar in the upper right hand corner to a minimal size, and only expands as you begin to type in it. Nice for keeping extra 'real estate' open on your browser window.

Whats the tide - Places a tide level indicator in the bottom right hand of your browser. Just plugin your closest location, and it will give you the tide readings in your area. Updates every five minutes.

Google gears - Not a firefox addon, but an addition to firefox that speeds up web activities, such as Wordpress, and other blogs.

The 'BabelFish' is a fish that translates speech
from one language to another. Taken from the
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
series of books by Douglas Adams.

It's a fish you stick in your ear and it
translates for you. Obviously not real
plus sticking a live fish in your ear is
just plain weird. But funny.

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