Friday, August 29, 2008

Time for maintenance

About once a week I try to go around the house, and run Virus scans, update spyblock lists, and do general maintenance. Keeps things running smoothly.

If you can do simple updates and scans like that regularly, your system will hum along fine, and not drag along like a boat anchor.

If you do these things consistently, and the pc still seems slow, try running Disk Defragmentor. It can be found on the Accessories/System Tools menu (XP and Vista)

Still slow? Have you considered upgrading your memory? For Windows XP, I recommend at least 1 gig of ram, and for Vista, at least 2 gig. If your system is below this, maybe an upgrade is right for you. Pull out your owners manual.

(you DID save your manual for your computer right?)

Check and see what memory configuration your computer supports. If you are not comfortable with this, there are many local computer stores in the area that will assist you. (In the Raliegh-Durham area, I recommend Intrex computers).

Another area you can check on upgrading is the processor. Once again, if you do not feel comfortable (and I highly stress this) take it to a local computer repair shop. It can be very easy to 'brick' a machine. Nothing will make your blood boil quite like staring at an $800 L.E.D. on your desktop.

Just by upgrading the memory and processor, you can speed up your machine. Go from a lime green Pinto to a fire engine red Ferrari.

All that and you didn't even check the bluebook value.

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