Friday, August 1, 2008

'Thank you ladies and gentlemen. Today we will be enjoying the sights and sounds that is Gettysburg. Please keep your hands and feet inside the tram at all times. Ladies, watch your step, this isn't Minnesota...'

We were able to make arrangements and get a Licensed Battlefield Guide to give us a personal tour around the park. We opted for a two hour tour (seems that a three hour tour didn't fare so well for Gilligan). The Guide will drive our vehicle around the park, and stop at designated points along the route. After that we will take in a movie about the battle. Also going on this weekend is Living History at the park. Reenactors will be onhand to show what life was like for the common solider.

Now, onto the Audio/Video section of our little outing. Did I mention that we are bringing along a camcorder, two digital cameras, two USB camera cables, a video output cable and a laptop? All I am missing is the uplink to NASA's satellites in orbit to instantly send information back home.

Maybe next time.

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Durham Bull Pen said...

I'm very excited for you and your Gettysburg activities. What a great birthday gift.

Hope you have a great day tomorrow seeing all that. :)