Saturday, August 2, 2008

First batch of pictures

Artillery positions on the confederate side of the field. Southern forces had about 150 cannon, while union forces consisted of 120. It is hard to imagine what that many cannons firing would sound like.
The North Carolina Memorial at Gettysburg. Designed by Gutzon Borglum (who did Mt. Rushmore), it is considered one of the most beautiful and touching memorials at the park. During the battle, North Carolina troops consisted of about 25% of southern casualities. The statue is located in the edge of the woods where Rhodes brigade (southern commander of NC forces) came out and lined up for Picketts charge.
Picketts Charge, as seen from the confederate line. See that little clump of trees near the middle of the screen on the left side? That was the destination of southern forces during the march. Final destination, 1.5 miles away across open field.

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Mom said...

This pic reminds me of the battlefield @ Little Bighorn. Guess there were massacres in both places.