Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dining Out

Once we left the battlefield (Trust me, I have over a hundred more pictures, an hour of video, and I am not afraid to use them) we moved on to Harrisburg, PA. Just outside of Hershey's Park. For dinner tonight, we went to the Hershey Lodge, and ate at the Forebay.

It is incredible to walk into a hotel that smells of chocolate. It really sets the mood and theme of the hotel.

For dinner I had a lobster bisque and cocoa encrusted ribeye with a chocolate barbeque sauce. Heather enjoyed the bisque as well, but she opted for a chef salad. For dessert we shared a chocolate molten cake, and a puff pastry with vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate.

Nothing like a sugar overload to prepare us for Hershey Park. Tomorrow we go to Crayola Factory, and Chocolate World, followed up by a trolley ride thru town.

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Durham Bull Pen said...

:homer: mmmmmm, chocolate

The ribeye sounds delicious.

Hope the little one has a great fun time tomorrow. As well as you and Heather of course!