Monday, April 20, 2009

Twitter has a problem building

Twitter, while a great application, is about to have a big problem on its hands. Spam has invaded the Twitterverse, and it looks like it is about to become a big issue.
Several people have reported issues already about this, and have been pushing Twitter to adopt new methods.

Normally it starts when you start to see a lot of people that you dont know showing up as followers.

The spammer has a program called Twitterhawk, that scans for keywords from everyone it follows.

Now, lets say you are at the store, and you 'tweet' that you are having trouble finding shoes. Twitterhawk kicks into gear, and messages you via Twitter, sending you a website of their choosing, saying something along the lines of "I notice you are interested in shoes. There is a great website that you would be interested in here..http://blahblah.."

For more information on how Twitter is being abused by spammers, check out this link...

To scan your account, go to TwerpScan here:

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