Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Whats on the tube tonight???

Man, there was nothing like TV in the old days. Four channels (if you had the rabbit ears just right) and we liked it that way. And remember the shows? They were awesome back then. Ever wish you could see those old shows again?

HULU is a joint service with several major networks. It is an online video service with limited commercial interruptions. One of the great things about HULU is the major studios have been moving the older shows there. Full episodes for your viewing pleasure.

Here is just a short list....

Oh, did I mention they have full movies too? Come on... Here's a few. Don't worry, it's all legal. The commerical interruptions pay for this..

And this is but a sample of all that is available too. Plus some of them are in 480p format. (That means, they play in HD resolution, but you have to have a bit of a beefy PC to view it in that format).

Tell me they don't bring back some memories. You know, my father kept something on top of the TV that changed the channel.. We called it pliers. My sister and me were the original remote controls.. "Change that channel, Forrest...No, no. wait...try adjusting the antenna again...See if your mother has any tin foil..."

With technology changing as fast as it does nowadays, I find it hard to remember TV when it was just a few channels. Currently we have I think 400 gazillion channels available. And you still can't find a good show. "What? Another Billy Maze infomercial? And what the heck is a ShamWow?"

But there is hope.. One day, I will be able to tell my children.."We used to get up to change the channel. And we liked it that way..."

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