Thursday, November 20, 2008

I hope you brought enough for the rest of the class..

Ok, so, you've got the wireless connection going in your house, and you want to take your home network to the next step. How about sharing files and photos to all the computers in the house?

You can buy external hard drives for around $50-$75 now. So once you plug it in to your desktop computer, you can then move your files to that drive. Once you have your photos and files moved, just right click on the folder, and choose SHARING AND SECURITY. Set it to Share, and allow access to the folder.

Now, go to your laptop, and choose My Computer. At the top of the window, choose, TOOLS, and MAP NETWORK DRIVE. Choose a Drive letter to associate with the folder, and then choose BROWSE. Go thru the menu and find the drive on the desktop computer. When you choose a drive letter, I suggest picking one below the letter I: otherwise you will find that USB flash drives don't work anymore. (thanks Microsoft).

Now, once you have found the location of the folder, save this, and close out. When you go to MY COMPUTER on your pc, you should now see that folder you set as an availible drive on your system.

If you set the Drive letter to the same on all pc's, pretty soon you will come to know that as that drive. (ie, Drive L: on all computers in the house is the family pictures folder)

Then you can scare family and friends with photos like this:
Hey, I was the height of fashion in the 80s..As far as the black shoes...In my defense, It wasn't Labor Day yet. Yep, I was a babe magnet......

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Durham Bull Pen said...

Hahaha! Little brother, I remember when you looked like that, cracking voice and all.

Great stuff on your blog. Keep the information coming. I'm enjoying your entries here.

Durham Bull Pen :)