Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday August 5th

Today is the day we went to Chocolate World. It is an addition to Hershey Park, offering a history and a glimpse at how they make the candy, as well as a massive gift shop.

Here is a glimpse at how they make the Hershey's kisses. They have been making them pretty much the same way since 1907.

"Mommy and Daddy say they are gonna let me eat this, then go stay with grandma and grandpa"
One of the things we got to enjoy at the park was a chocolate taste testing. We sampled a variety of chocolate, including a selection of dark chocolates, as well as milk chocolate. We also learned the basic history and locations of the various cocoa plantations. I got a picture of the food we ate because I still enjoy picking on my sister. Here's to you, sis!


Lisa said...

Pick on me all you want! I'm enjoying your blogging. You'll have to tell me if you like milk chocolate better or dark chocolate.

~ Your sis :)

Forrest said...

Dark. I enjoy dark. One of the things we tested was the NIBs, or the inside of the cocoa bean. It has a dark, bitter taste. Very enjoyable. Another thing they pointed out was how to listen to the chocolate as you snap it, or break it apart. How loud it snaps determines how much milk is in it. Darker chocolates have less milk, and they have a louder 'snap'.