Thursday, August 28, 2008

Brother, can you spare a USB drive?

Got a spare USB drive? Who doesn't nowadays, since you can pick up a 1 gig drive at WalMart or other retailers for about 8 dollars. Well, let me turn you on to something I think is one of the greatest things going for the USB drive now.

Basically, it is an entire computer, on a protable drive. Here is a list of the applications that come with it.

Now, there are also other apps that you can download and add to the drive, but really, look at that list. Word Processor, Browser, Email, PDF reader.
I use it at work because I lot of our remote locations don't have Firefox, or an updated PDF reader. I can check my email without disturbing their email client, and can load my browser with all my bookmarks on it as well.

So whether you get a USB stick drive, or thumb drive, or whatever you want to call it, why not have your files in an easy an accessible way?

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